Dependable. Responsive. Experienced.

Committed to quality & safety on every construction project.

Why Braun and Butler?

Because you work way too hard to be a glorified babysitter to your project.

At Braun and Butler, we do the right thing because that is what we are supposed to do; not because someone is "making" us. We will quietly perform our work with the rest of the team so that you can do what you're supposed to be doing. Save the babysitting for Friday night.

Why our team?

At Braun and Butler, we are not the giant corporation looking to turn a quick profit, completely detached from the communities in which our projects are being built.  Our team members are part of the communities we serve.  We are the Sunday School teachers teaching in the new education building; we are the parents with students sitting in the new classrooms.  In short, our team is committed to building quality projects for the community because we are part of that same community.

Boy Scouts of America
Greater Texas Foundation

Recent Projects

Lake Travis United Methodist Church Ministry Activity Center

Project Size: 16,286 SF

Frank Fickett Scout Training & Service Center

Project Size: 30,220 SF

Architect: Atkins

Frank Fickett Scout Training & Service Center
Lakeline Oaks Park

Project Size: 5,000 SF

Architect: Architecture Plus

Bee Creek United Methodist Church Conference Center

Project Size: 9,996 SF

Architect: Jackson Galloway Associates

Fire/EMS Station No. 39 at Four Points

Project Size: 8,993 SF

Architect: White, Dolce & Barr

Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union- Jones Road

Project Size: 18,000 SF

Architect: Cutright and Allen, Inc.

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