Dependable. Responsive. Experienced.

Committed to quality & safety on every construction project.

Why Braun and Butler?

Because you should not have to do your contractor's job along with your own.

Braun and Butler believes in individual responsibility and will ensure that we deliver quality work all the time. In return, we will work with the entire team and encourage them to deliver that same quality product. A construction project should be an enjoyable phase of an entity's existence. With Braun and Butler, you will see that when a contractor delivers what they promise, the experience becomes just

Why our team?

At Braun and Butler, we are not the giant corporation looking to turn a quick profit, completely detached from the communities in which our projects are being built.  Our team members are part of the communities we serve.  We are the Sunday School teachers teaching in the new education building; we are the parents with students sitting in the new classrooms.  In short, our team is committed to building quality projects for the community because we are part of that same community.

Recent Projects

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church Day School

Project Size: 8,299 SF

Architect: Barrow and Stahl Architects

Hendrickson High School Career and Technology Building

Project Size: 3,844 SF

Architect: SHW Group Architects

Bluebonnet Trails Community Services Center – Marble Falls

Project Size: 14,791 SF

Architect: KA Hickman Architects

Bluebonnet Trails Marble Falls
Fire/EMS Station No. 39 at Four Points

Project Size: 8,993 SF

Architect: White, Dolce & Barr

Bee Creek United Methodist Church Conference Center

Project Size: 9,996 SF

Architect: Jackson Galloway Associates

Buda Fire Station No. 2 East

Project Size: 8,000 SF

Architect: Spencer Group Architects

Buda Fire Station No. 2 & 3
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