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Weekly Project Update

Copperfield ES PfISD


Nathan Stanford


    Missing dampers arrived and are installing
    All electrical hooked up waiting on last 6 condensers
    Control wiring complete in wings 1 thru 4. Only office wing left to do next week.
    Kitchen hood controls figured out with keeping some existing roof fans.
    2 small roof curbs cut into roof and steel installed for Thanksgiving units.
    2 Large roof curb adapters on ground in ready for Thanksgiving swap out.
Excavation 1.jpg

Large curb adapters ready for Thanksgiving swap out of large outside air units.


    Office wing duct, insulation, and wiring all due to complete.
    Classroom wing ceilings re-install for school waxing to start 7-18 Staff arrives back 7-26
    Stage down and remove most materials.
    Close up open wall above kitchen where units were removed and new units installed.
    Last of 6 classroom condensers should arrive.
Excavation 1.jpg
    Lifts and floor protection should remove from stage and gym. Final cleaning starts on Thursday and Friday

Steel installed in gym and stage where small outside air units install Thanksgiving.

Excavation 1.jpg

New larger curb on roof installed ready for cover next week.


Click on document icon below to review the detailed Look Ahead Schedule.

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