In October 2019, Braun & Butler and Rizzo Construction joined forces as one company under Braun & Butler Construction. The merger was done for one reason: To continue providing our clients with the exceptional construction services and experiences they have come to expect from us.

For decades, our clients have relied on the knowledge and expertise of Braun & Butler Construction and Rizzo Construction. By joining these two highly-respected and experienced companies together, we are ready to begin our next chapter as the leader in community impact construction in Central Texas. As the new Braun & Butler Construction, we are the legacy of two strong and successful companies with roots that date back almost 40 years, in industry and landscape that has seen steady growth. Since 1982, these two companies' people have put our hard work and whole hearts into constructing spaces that transform buildings and structures into thriving communities. We have built the schools, sanctuaries, and community spaces where children learn, families worship, and people gather.

To continue building a successful and sustainable business and continue making impactful contributions to our community, we choose to step into the future as one cohesive team. We believe that — together — we can build a brighter future for our customers, employees, stakeholders, and community


Braun & Butler Construction is a family-centered construction company that focuses on building better lives. We do this through our commitment to each other and to the people and communities we serve. The projects we commit ourselves to are just as important to us as they are to our clients. They are where we seek sanctuary and protection, heal and educate ourselves and improve the quality of our lives and community.




Our values are the bedrock of who we are. They define what we stand for as a company - and let everyone know what we won't stand for, too. These standards are not "one and done". They are the touchstones we hold ourselves and each other to. They are the choices we make, and the actions we take, every single day.