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First Unitarian Universalist Church Renovation and Addition

Austin, Texas


First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin


McKinney York Architects

Delivery Method:

Construction Manager at Risk


Braun & Butler Construction, Inc.


13,500 SF

This project included 1,645 SF expansion to the existing Sanctuary, 630 SF new kitchen addition, the remodel of the fellowship hall and art gallery, the renovation of 600 SF Bathroom and 860 SF Lobby. Additional improvements consisted of new flooring and ceilings, new fire sprinkler and alarm system throughout entire building, and structural modifications to the exterior walls. This project was developed into 3 phases due to Church activities throughout the occupied building: for example, Sunday morning worship, Children's education, weekly meetings, and outside rentals. Logistics was a challenge to enable parts of facility to remain open during construction. However, with flexibility and careful schedule coordination from both Braun & Butler and the client, the project ran effortlessly. During the Sanctuary addition, we installed a weather tight demising wall between the existing and new areas allowing construction to take place while church congregation used the space. In addition, the existing kitchen that was to be repurposed into a storage area remained in use until the new kitchen was built and ready to use. This project provided us with a better understanding of how to use and integrate new underground utilities and existing utilities. The end result was an outstanding and visually impressive project. The quality of the design and the construction stood out aesthetically, and in form and function. The Church was completed within budget and on time.

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